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As volunteers we dedicate our time to supporting and representing your interests at the Parish Council and Community level.

Binsted today is one of the largest and most rural Civil Parishes in North East Hampshire, with the village of Binsted remaining one of the unspoilt treasures of Hampshire.

The Binsted Parish Council office is at; Binsted Sports Pavilion,The Street, Binsted, Hants, GU34 4PB. The office is open to the public Monday to Friday’s between 9am and 1 pm.  If you want to ask or find out about something the door is always open between these times.

Note: The Parish Council Office is also open from 5.45pm – 6.45pm on the same day as the Parish Council Meetings which are usually the first Monday of each Month.

The Parish Clerk, Sue Hodder, can be contacted via email clerk@binstedparishcouncil.org.uk , in person in the office or 01420 520692 during the above hours.  The Parish Clerk can also be contacted via: Mobile – 07495261913 (between 9am – 5pm )

The Deputy Clerk, Karen Ray, can be contacted on 01420 544 477 / 07805 800 373 or email depclerk@binstedparishcouncil.org.uk

Please direct your enquiries to the clerks or any member of the Parish Council team.
The Parish Councillors’ details can be found on  Your Council page.

The Pavilion at Binsted Recreation Ground is available for hire.  More details here.

January 23rd 2017 We have a Councillor vacancy – Please contact the clerk (Clerk@binstedparishcouncil.org.uk) if you are interestedbpc_vacancy