stain glass binsted

The Parish of Binsted has changed little over the last 100 years being somewhat off the beaten track, although Binsted was once the centre of a prosperous hop growing industry.

There are two warriors lying at rest here, one ancient and one modern. The ancient one is a warrior from about 600 years ago, Sir Richard de Westcote, who it is said was a relative of one of our greatest warriors, Lord Kitchener, while the modern one is another great warrior of our time, Lord Montgomery of Alamein.

Sir Richard de la Bere of Westcote

imag008Sir Richard de la Bere of Westcote founded a chantry here in 1332 and is now buried within the walls of this 14th century church, his feet are crossed and rest upon a lion and over his suit of chain mail he wears a belted coat.

montgomeryField Marshal Bernard Montgomery

Bernard Montgomery, the hero of El Alamein who was one of the most inspirational military commanders of World War Two is buried in Binsted Church Graveyard.