Binsted Parish Asset Review Summary

Parish Asset Review

The Binsted Parish Council has surveyed the community to get their feedback and ideas about the best utilization of our Parish Assets. A total of 116 responses (100 online & 16 paper) were received and studied in detail by your Councillors. Please click on the links below to see the results of the analysis and to learn more about the Parish Assets (some of which many survey respondents didn’t know existed).

Introduction to the Parish Asset Review

Summary Results of the Parish Asset Review

Call for Volunteers for Working Groups

As explained in the Introduction above, the Parish Council has identified some immediate actions for improving assets and accessibility that can take place in the short term as well as some longer term projects. To help in both areas, the Council is forming working groups that are focussed on particular areas. So far the Council is looking at:

  • Refurbishing the phone box and putting it to a new use for the community
  • Helping to solve the parking issue for the Church, School and Wickham Institute
  • Making improvements for users of the Pavilion and Recreation Ground
  •  Improving the accessibility and use of underutilized assets such as;
    –  the Oval at Holt Pound, and
    – the Recreation and Allotment Fields at Blacknest.

However this is where the Parish Council now needs your help, as we cannot do it on our own. So if you would like to get involved in any of the Parish efforts, large or small, please contact a member of the Council or drop us a line using the contact form below.

Thank you!